SEO In-House Training Course

You are looking for the best SEO in-house Training Courses in Viet Nam? Our training programme is exactly what your team needs help with.


Who Should Attend?

  • You are a business owner but do not know that your business is really effective SEO? Do not know whether to choose SEO or Google Ads?
  • Does your business feel that it is not effective to run Google Ads and Facebook Ads ads?
  • SEO Leader, SEO Manager is having difficulty in planning SEO, calculating cost as well as workload?
  • SEO Leader, SEO Manager is lacking in skills to manage, assign and recruit SEO personnel?
  • You have a website, but you cannot SEO to the top, the more you do SEO, the more you drop? While the opponent is always on top?
  • You SEO to the top but get the wrong link, ineffective sales, low conversion rate?
  • If your business is facing the above problems, then this is the course for you

What do we have?

  • SEO experience
    With more than 10 years experience in the field of SEO, Online Marketing, we believe in consulting and supporting your Online projects better. With more than 200 businesses, working in many different industries, training more than 500 SEO professionals with more than 40 courses, sharing knowledge and materials on SEO marketing that bring value to the community and society.
  • Teaching experience
    All training will be done by Tran Ngoc Thuy, the first (only up to now) in Vietnam working in the SEO training field to achieve two Google certifications: AdWords Certification and Analytics Certification.
  • Open Communication
    We have an open attitude and with years of experience, you can’t go wrong if you apply the techniques properly.

How it works?

  • Initial Consultation
    Contact us to find out how we can help your company succeed. We will discuss your needs and customize the course.
  • In-house SEO Training course
    Our SEO trainer will train your staff.
  • Follow-up Consulting
    After the initial in-house training session, a follow-up consultation is included. If additional training or hands-on assistance is required, we will continue to cooperate with.
    Contact us for more information.


  • Lat has supported my business in SEO professionally, we are on top of the most competitive keywords: class coat, class uniform,… – Mr. Thanh, CEO of
  • Setting up seo strategies, identifying landing pages to help SEO manager Duong Gia’s law saving seo projects, saving costs, doubling traffic. – Mr. Duong, CEO of Duong Gia law.
  • LAT’s SEO in – house has changed my life and has given my pet accessories startup a new direction and very good growth. – Mr Viet, Founder Petviet
  • I like his professionalism in project planning and management. Currently with SEO beginner tools, I am working on a project by myself that normally requires a team – Mr. Hai