SEO Services: #1 SEO Management Team Ready to Grow

What are common issues that your business might be facing?
Your website only achieved high rankings for a few keywords, low traffic?
Your website ranks high but there are no customers, not creating business efficiency.

Our seo service will help your business solve the above problems



SEO services, also known as SEO deployment services, aim to bring your website to a high position on search tools. Besides, we help potential customers access as quickly as possible to the services and products of yours.

We understand that SEO not only helps a website to rank high on search engines, but also a communication channel for building a sustainable brand.


1. Get information from customers

Ask customers about their products and services. Then, our expert will come up with effective SEO solutions and SEO strategies.

2. Research to offer an effective SEO solution 

 Based on the budget of the business, we will research to gives an SEO solution: 

  • Keyword SEO solution
  • Total SEO solution 

3. Make a quotation, plan work

To have a good SEO plan to avoid the risk of signing a contract, our experts will give you a suitable KPIS: 

  • Keyword list rankings
  • Organic traffic from Search Engine (Google)

4. Contract signing and implementation

Agree on KPIS as well as time and cost of SEO, sign contracts and implement projects according to the plan between the two parties. 

5. Send report

Depending on the SEO solution as well as the KPIS exchange between the SEO service provider and the SEO client that sends scheduled reports. 

6. Liquidation, contract extension

After unanimously checking the achieved KPIS, the contract shall be liquidated.

Sign a renewal contract (also known as an SEO maintenance contract). 


  • We are committed to not using black hat SEO and adhere to Google’s governance guidelines.
  • We only receive a maximum of 20 SEO projects in 2021 in the fields of:Health, Beauty, home appliances, interior and exterior,….
  • In each industry, we implement SEO for the only business
  • We have a quality satellite site system that not only supports backlinking for SEO but also uses it to promote, increase brand coverage and handle media crises on Search Engine
  • Providing solutions and consulting to analyze, evaluate and select high converting keywords
  • The cost is always the cheapest, we calculate the cost when implementing and quote the SEO cost under the contract
  • During the implementation process, we always have clear reports and management files with SEO LAT software, you are given a free account that can assess real-time progress


We will rely on actual information about your project (industry, sectors, products, geography, estimated budget, …) to research, analyze and give your business detailed quotes.


Here are the frequently asked questions in the overall SEO service quote process:

1. How long is the SEO contract?

The overall SEO project implementation time is usually from 8-12 months, for SEO Global English projects it can be 12-18 or longer.

2. Do I get money back when I project SEO Fail?

Yes! You will receive enough money and the bank interest rate according to the regulations of the state bank in case of the project Fail.

3. How can I avoid capital appropriation?

As for our projects with over 1 billion VND, we usually sign a bank guarantee and will receive each stage of completion.

4. Can I pay in stages?

Yes, you can! We will receive the cost in each stage of the contract, usually when signing the contract we will receive 50% and 50% after 7 days from the date of acceptance and move to the maintenance phase.

5. Issue VAT invoice?

Have! All our services are managed by LIFE AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION and issue VAT invoice when the contract is checked and accepted.

6. Do you disclose my project information?

No! We never publish a client’s project on a website, fanpage … unless it is approved by the customer.

7. Do you get SEO for a client in my niche?

No! To avoid information disclosure as well as professional ethics we are committed to not receiving SEO for two businesses working in the same field at the same time.

8. We don’t know how to estimate the SEO implementation budget?

Don’t worry, we will support and advise you to help your business choose the right budget, save money to reach potential customers as much as possible.

In case you have any further questions, please comment below or contact us for a free consultation.