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Dịch vụ tư vấn SEO tính phí

Life and Technology is one of the top companies in SEO consulting and Search Marketing in Vietnam.

With ecosystems as well as SEO management software, LAT helps more than 100 businesses using SEO effectively for branding, communication, and sales.

Optimize helps save up to 80% SEO costs for SEO businesses in the Vietnam market as well as performs SEO Global deployment worldwide.

We understand that not all customers want to use SEO services. Maybe you just need helping with a specific problem or want to the SEO project that violates one of Google’s algorithmic to be re-analyzed and re-evaluated.

Search Console
Search Console


SEO consulting includes services, tools supporting analysis, deployment, and training by the SEO experts expertize not only about SEO but also about products, services and potential customers of the business.

SEO consulting projects usually last from 3 to 6 months, maybe longer or shorter depending on the model and level of the project to be deployed.

This is a different service from SEO services (implementing SEO projects). SEO is a continuous investment process, focusing on long-term goals and deployment time can be 6 months, even a year or many years.


SEO services, also known as SEO deployment services, aim to bring your website to a high position on search tools. Besides, we help potential customers access as quickly as possible to the services and products of yours.

Note: Our service only advise plan and strategy, customers to use advice and self-implement by yourself.


Consulting SEO service is different from SEO deployment services (SEO services), in order to know if you need SEO advice from our experts or not, please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want to improve your site ranking on search tools: Google, Yahoo, Coccoc, Bing, Duckduckgo but your SEO campaign is not really effective?
  2. Are not your products/services at the top search in spite of doing SEO?
  3. Does your company have a uncompleted SEO plan in spite of having SEO division? Doesn’t SEO division calculate the workload and costs? Do your staff just work without any campaign and don’t know when keywords go to the top?
  4. You are a business owner, manager or marketing director but do not know how to evaluate SEO division to work effectively
  5. You are learning about Search Marketing and SEO for business purposes but do not know where to start and how to do it? How much should you spend effectively and appropriately?
  6. Is your website visited so many but does not sell? Does SEO get the wrong link?
  7. Your site has been notified by Google Search Console of a manual task that violates Gooogle’s webmaster quality guidelines?
  8. Have you ever hired companies to do SEO services, but not work?
  9. You don’t know when should you choose Google Ads (Adwords) or SEO?
  10. Do you merely need a consultant to assist in the process of your business deploying?

… hundreds of other questions about difficulties in the SEO process!


What you get with each PAID SEO consulting package will derserve with how much you pay for, here is what you will receive:

  1. You are trained, provided files of management, evaluation about the effective SEO process suitable for businesses.
  2. You are free to use SEO project management software during 12-month period.
  3. A full set of analysis, deployment SEO plans have calculated the workload, the relative cost to the KPI and your business sector.
  4. A file gives recommendations after analyzing your project or website basing on KPI.
  5. Recommendations on optimizing CRO & UX.
  6. Recommendations on editing and analyzing of Console Search & Analytics.
  7. Recommendations on optimizing content according to each type of landing page SEO.
  8. Recommendations on optimizing code, Onpage SEO (necessary conditions).
  9. Recommendations for Offpage SEO optimization (sufficient conditions)
  10. You get our support questions during the SEO consultant contract period

… and more than that.


Here is our price for PAID SEO consulting service, depending on the package, the cost as well as consulting time and support are different.


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  • 3-month consulting period
  • Phone/Email/Facebook support
  • Donate 30 post guest post (6 million)
  • Support up to 10 SEO landing pages and
  • 10 days to send an evaluation
  • 0-hour direct training
Phổ biến


Get a free quote
  • 6 months consultancy period
  • Phone/Email/Facebook support directly
  • Donate 100 guest posts (20 million)
  • Support up to 100 SEO landing pages
  • Time to send the evaluation is 20-30 days
  • 3-hour direct training​

The above price list is for reference only, based on the project’s KPI such as traffic or ranking list of keywords that prices may change.

  • All customers using the VIP package will receive a 50% discount on the SEO course.
  • Information on quality and benefits attached to Guest Post.

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